It does not exist any perfect people

Nyskrivet av mig, på engelska dock, om ni inte fattar, så be om översättning!

t does not exist any perfect people in this world. We all have our dark sides. We all get angry once in a while, even if it does not exist any reason. We all get disappointed on others, because they do not live up to our demands. We all get hurt by words and actions. That is said by people we know, people we trust, people we love. Even if they do not mean to, the pain is still there.

It does not exist any perfect people in this world. That can cause alot of problems, finding people to like, people to love. We all have things we like in others. Requirements you can say, which we want to see in others. It can be that they have the same humour as you. Or that you both like make up ridiculous words, which for others does not mean anything, but for you, it means everything. Or it can be just simple, you just want a normal working person who are there for you.

It does not exist any perfect persons in this world. But even if you meet a person, which meet all your requirements, does it mean that you still will love that person? No, because this person still can have irritating features in their personality. It can be disgusting, like if they have a tendencies to pick their nose. Or it can be annoying like if they are always talking about themself, not allowing you to talk, even when you try. Or they can just so perfect in every way that it makes them unperfect. Not perfect. But that is maybe only jealousy from the others side.

It does not exist any perfect persons in this world. Even if you meet someone, things will never be perfect between you. That is fact. Because you are not perfect people. Neither of you. Neither of us all. You all have your luggage, your dark sides. Dark moments filled with anguish, or becoming hurt, just by one single word. Or just sit and cry because the longing is to large, to much a burden.

It does not exist any perfect persons in this world. But it exists people which are perfect for each other. People who can accept that the other person, the person they love, likes to talk about themself. That still will talk after the anger has started that huge fight. Who do understand your ridiculous words and laugh at your jokes. Who knows your dark sides, and accept them all, and want to help you caring that luggage which is our past. Which are there for you.

But it still does not exist perfect people!


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