Thoughts about my teenage year's

Writing this in English.

The time goes so fast. Today is my last day as a teenager. Soon it is the 8th of March and Im getting 20. It has been some nice years, with both up's and down's and alot of changes. I have lost friends, and got new one's, been sick and got healthy again. I have developed my love for music, managed to become a good singer. I have created my own unique style of both clothing and living, all in order to express me. Who I am. But in order to do that, I had to discover who I am. And that was not always a fun experience. I know it's been hard for the people around me, seeing my darkest moments when times got hard. Im so sorry for that. But thanks to your support I have managed to rise up again, stronger then before and ready to face life again.

I have went to school, and in school I learned to love science. How the World works and my own body works is really fascinating for me. This last year I have also developed a deeper understanding for the mysteries about our surroundings. Hand in hand with Science I have learned to love History. How our past still affects us now, several centuries later. How we went from cavemen to the modern human. How things our ancestors did can explain how you think today. In school I also meet new friends, a few I still have around. Thanks that you guys are here. :)

I remember my 15th birthday. When I meet my companion. We have had lots of good moments, me and him, running around in the forests on the summers and eating blueberries, resting under the trees with a good book in hand. We could walk for hours and not meet any human, it was just him and me.
I remember our winter's together also, when I had to carry him out because he did not like the snow. I love the snow so we had an tie there. And we still have.
I remember our nights together, when you slept at my feet, refused to sleep in your own bed. We still have these times, and I hope we will have them for a long time forward. My dog Ådi sure is the best birthday present I have ever got.

One bad thing I remember is the Death of my Uncle. It is so sad and it affected both me, and my family and relatives deeply, to the bottom of our souls. You are so missed.

I also remember 3 people, 3 person's who has affected me alot, changing my life just by existing.

The First one is Casper. We only meet one evening, a couple of hours, but I will always remember the things you said. They were so kind.

The Second one is Linnea. I know, we are now not friends anymore, not talking to each other, just because of what you did. But before that, we had an great time. You did become my best friend the second I meet you, and that lasted for 5 long years. We had so fun laughing and you were there when I needed a shoulder to cry on. Your friendship with me learned me that I could trust humans again.

The Third one is Lizze. Words is not enough to express how glad I am that I met you. After a dark year, you came with a light. Thanks.

My family I don't want to write about here, but you all have helped me, always been there for me.

More important then all of this is my writings. My poetry has gone from those small little notes a 12 year old wrote on the back of the school books to over 300 complete poems. It's my thoughts I write about, my ideas, my life, my friends and family, my World. But most of all, I write about my soul. My writing is my soul.

Thanks all for my teenage years.

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